A Grande Aventura da Kato

Follow the adventures of Kat as she explores the Northeast Brazilian Coast!

Minha Casa:

This is my temporary home until Sunday when I finally get to meet my host family. The weather is a little humid and warm, but nice and cool in the shade and there is a great breeze. Yes those are coconut trees out my window. This building is actually built by and owned by MST (the Landless Workers Movement) for their students to come to the city and receive different forms of education and training, so there is artwork all over the walls representing their mission and struggle. I feel very honored that I get to stay in their house. It’s really interesting because there is no mirror in the bathroom, and we have to use water bottles to brush our teeth because US residents are not adapted to the microbes in the water here so it will make us sick if we drink it from the tap. It’s been different types of familiar and unfamiliar, and I am excited to see what new things I encounter when I move in with my host family and actually start attending regular classes! While we have had a few seminars today, it is nothing as intense as I expect the regular school day to be.

On the plus side, Brazilians take two hour lunches! It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

-A Kato

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